About Us: We're here because of a lawnmower...
  • Josh Burns, host of the BeWayBetter podcast recently told a story about a lawnmower.
  • "There was this broken mower my dad was struggling with when I was a kid.
  • Over the course of a weekend, he must have gone to three different shops for parts, and spent about 8 or 9 hours swearing at the thing trying to get it to work.
  • What I saw that weekend was the single biggest problem we all face when it comes to tackling any problem, from losing weight to making more money, to finding love or fixing a wounded relationship. 
  • The big problem is really simple. When you're really close to a problem, you get these blinders on.  You lose sight of other ways to get what you want. You can't see the shortcuts.

My dad could have fixed the lawnmower a different way...

He could have solved the problem by taking it into a repair shop. Or, he could have bought a brand new new mower. Or he could have paid someone $25 to mow the lawn for him. Any of those solutions would have been less expensive, less time consuming, and far less frustrating. But I totally understand why he didn't take any of those options. He didn't even see them. Because when you're in the think of a problem, the easy solutions elude you. You just can't see them, even though they're right there in front of you.

  • My goal is to ferret those easy solutions out. I talk to inspiring people who have seen the world in a different way. I want to help people get where they want to go faster, with less frustration, and with a lot more fun.
  • Josh Burns is a stay at home dad, entrepreneur, and occasionally a fire breather. He lives in Vermont with his wife, daughter, and dog Breezy.

    Josh enjoys writing ad copy, helping small businesses, and interviewing people who think big about important topics.
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